Training in KL – Accenture’s Core Analyst School

I spent the two weeks (last week of February and first week of March) at Accenture’s “Centre of Excellence” in KL. It was for the first (of many) and probably the most important brain-washing… err i mean training sessions. It is the session that all minions… err i mean analysts must attend. It gives everybody a full understanding of exactly how Accenture intends to do business. I honestly thought the course was excellent and really will help me in my work. But the training aside, the real memorable part of CAS is meeting all the people from Australia, Thailand, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, China and probably others that I have forgotten.

We are divided into 3 classes of 30 students each and within those classes we are again divided into teams of 6 people with which you perform many apprentice-esque tasks. Its actually good fun especially since there’s never really a wrong answer as long as you’ve got something to say (aka bullshit). My team is shown below and they were really great to work/play with.

We also had 3 great teachers, called faculty for the course. Dirk (Germany), Chrissy (Austalia) and Julia (UK – although she’s really German):

After class ended each day there was almost a mad rush to get down to KL or just to do SOMETHING… drinking… shopping… eating… whatever it took to enjoy this paid holiday. 🙂 Something I personally learned that week was bhangra:

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