Speedie 2.0 – Scott Speester S30 + S10

Remember that lovely bike of mine that Chunnie helped to give me for Christmas? You know… Speedie?

Well, he’s now at VERSION 2.0!!!

Well, you will probably immediately think, “wow, Ian got a new bike!” But no, I didn’t! The poor original Speedie actually had some problems. The nice white paintjob that it started with quickly began to turn yellow on the top tube. I first noticed it a couple months after getting the bike but I thought it was only slight and was just due to normal aging of the bike. But it soon worsened so that it was quite obvious and the black paint also started to peel. It was then that I took the bike to CycleCraft (the store where I bought the bike) who informed me that I would get a replacement frame. It took a few months but I just got it last week! Just for the record, the paint looked like this:

Since Scott only has a silver frame that comes without components, that is the color of the new frame I got. This was a wonderful stroke of luck since when I originally wanted to buy the bike, I would have preferred the silver except that the higher end components on the Scott Speedster S10 made it too expensive. So this means that right now, Speedie is made up of the components of the Scott Speedster S30 and the frame of the Scott Speedster S10.

During the same week, my lovely mother and sister gave me a belated birthday present of some Soul S4.0 wheels… Very sexy I must say!

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7 Responses to Speedie 2.0 – Scott Speester S30 + S10

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  2. Namit says:

    Man, this incarnation looks so pro. Is S10 frame better than S30’s? Scott website didn’t say anything.

  3. Ian says:

    Supposedly the “headset” is better but I don’t know how that really affects the performance. Other than that the only difference is the color.

  4. Fred says:

    Nice Blog.. very Nice Bike!

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  7. Hayri Dogan says:

    For the record all the scott speedster frames are identical. They are the same 7005 aluminum frame with a carbon scott addict fork. I ride a s60 which i purposely purchased because i like the frame and it is easy to build on. The only thing currently stock on my bike is the frame and fork.

    Current build is Ultegra flight deck shifters, ultegra 6600 front and rear brakes, ultegra front and rear derailleur, ultegra 10-speed cassette, ultegra bottom brakcet, fsa gossamer compact double crank, ultegra 10 speed chain, Shimano RS20 rims, michelin pro3 race service course tires, Salsa seatpost skewer, forte precision carbon seatpost, forte pro rs1 saddle, control tech carbon unit stem, control tech formidable cl handle bar, fsa vision tech mini tt aero clip on bars, speed play zero pedals, fsa is2 headset, cateye vecta wireless speedometer, cateye opticube headlight mounted to mini tt aero bar, cateye rear taillight mounted to topeak speed saddle wedge. current cost of build…i dont like to think about it…lol!

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