2XU Compression Run – Race Report

The Short Version

A time of 55:13 and almost 10 minutes slower than my PB.


The Slightly Longer Version

At about Christmas I had gone for a 12K run and was finally back running good distances after having been recovering from ITBS after Ironman Oz. I was walking around at home when I slipped and kicked the door frame which I think fractured a toe. That kept me from running for two full months. I’d like to think that that is the reason why I was so slow at this race. I’ve really got a long way to go to get my fitness back.

Some other observations from the race:

  • If you have to walk after 100m of a 10K then you should really be training more.
  • With participation increasing in Singapore, more races should try to enforce starting corals.
  • My pace in the Singapore Biathlon for the 10K run (after a 1.5K swim) was pretty much the same as today, that shows either how slow I am now or how little effort I put into the swim.
  • Running races are so much more convenient than triathlons – You just show up with your shoes and run. No bike, no prep-work, no waves, no waiting around. Afterwards we still had time to join the family for breakfast.
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