A very curious incident. AKA The Great Newspaper Robbery!

As Ian usually does every Saturday morning, he heads out really early to go cycling, leaving me to sleep in. This is one of the happiest times of my week – waking up late, getting the newspaper and reading it over a coffee on our balcony waiting for Ian to get home.

Well, one rainy Saturday morning in April 2012, our routine was rudely disrupted by a newspaper thief!

That fateful morning, when Ian left the house at 6.30AM, he noticed the newspaper was sitting on the doorstep. Nothing unusual.

Except that at 8.00AM when I woke up and went to get the newspapers, heavy rain was falling and the newspaper was GONE!!!


Oh dear.

Being good neighbours and waiting to warn others of a newspaper thief in our building, we put out a sign on our door, and left for lunch at 11.30AM.


At 1:45PM when we got back from lunch, the newspaper was BACK!! However our PSA sign is now gone too.


Nonetheless, we were thankful to the thief for returning our newspaper, and being polite, we decided to thank him or her. Although we would really prefer not to share newspapers.


The sign was gone at 2.45PM when we checked again. Ah well.

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