Why hello there!


I had completely forgotten about this blog… until Ian reminded me of it. *sheepish shrug* Sorry.

Well, it’s been a looooong while, so let’s get you quickly caught up!

Since the last post about the Olympics (that’s London 2012, mind you – I realise Rio 2016 is over and the world is already looking toward Tokyo 2020):

  1. There are now three of us! Yup, two became three.

That’s us standing in front of the lovely green and yellow stripy wall of the nursery that Ian spent an entire day paining. Good man.

And *drumroll*, introducing little Ashley Hall! Since she came into our lives in September 2013, it’s been an unbelievable journey. Tiring and trying at times, but for the most part she has been such a sweetheart and has brought so much joy into our lives.

We’re a proper little family now!  😀


2. We moved into new (bigger) digs!

Despite the lovely striped walls of the nursery, we quickly outgrew our last apartment and needed more space. So very sadly, we said goodbye to the first home we bought and moved down a few roads into our current place. Quite a project, and that’s another story, but we are loving it!

And here’s a preview.



That’s it, not much else has changed. We still traipse around the world in search of adventures, taking little Ashley with us. It is one of the things Ian and I firmly believed in – that having kids would not change our love for travel. Well, it does change some aspects of our travel, and I won’t lie, it’s not easy – but we won’t give up seeing the world for easy, and I believe the shared new experiences makes us stronger as a family and hopefully Ashley grows up to be a better person for it.

Watch this space!



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